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UK Property Bond

5% dividend paid every 6 months Short term

Short term - 2 year investment 100% asset

100% asset backed

FCA regulated trustee (UK)

USD and GBP options available

Opportunities start from USD 50,000


    How does a property bond work?

    Property bonds, also known as property investment bonds, are a way for developers to raise money from investors. They are used to fund early stages of project development.
    Generally, the bond is a legally binding agreement between the investor and the property developer. The investors’ capital is offered as a loan to the development company and the contract between them explains how the investment will be used, the interest payable for the investment, how the capital will be secured and when the investment will be repaid to the investor.

    The appeal for investors is often the higher-rate, fixed annual interest, along with a certificate and security over the property they are financing


    Invest in a range of Property Bonds

    Property remains one of the most popular forms of investing for consumers, given the returns available in the UK market, Property Bonds are one of the most attractive options for gaining access to that sector, without requiring any expert knowledge of construction or land development. Indeed, they have become increasingly popular as the attractiveness of buy-to-let investments has diminished due to significant dilution of the tax advantages in recent years.


    Am financial unique property bonds allow investors to generate strong returns by lending capital to property development companies in exchange for a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period.

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